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Here at Global Limousines we are continually researching recent developments and set backs in our industry. With technology booming more than ever and constantly changing the way our business can potentially advance we must stay 'up to speed' with current issues. Below are several informative articles regarding recent news in the limousine and charter industry. 

FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can we bring our own drinks or do you provide them?

A: You are more than welcome to bring your own beverages or alcohol (You must be 21+ to bring alcohol into our vehicles) We can also provide you with your choice of beverages but will do so at an additional cost. Glassware and ice is included at no additional cost if requested.

Q: Is there anything you recommend we bring or provide ourselves?

A: Aside from your party pants we recommend that you bring your own AUX cord. Although some of our vehicles may have a bluetooth option on the control panel that does not necessarily mean that it is/will be compatible. Remember to take it with you when you're done; we are not liable for any lost personal property! Also, while our vehicles are equipped with wet bar stations we recommend that you bring a cooler and additional ice if you think the drink and guest ratio is going to exceed the space we have allotted for such items. Lastly, feel free to bring your own cups! Most of our vehicles are designed to hold either champagne flutes and/or rocks glasses, but that may not align with your needs for the specific occasion.

Q: Are there any restrictions once inside the vehicle?

A: Yes. A few of these include, but are not limited to: NO smoking (because fire, duh) and NO food inside of the vehicle! This saves you a nice chunk of money when it comes to cleaning fees. Another no-no is (generally) a no brainer. Do not at any time lean/hang/extend any body part outside of the windows or sun roof. It is illegal and very unsafe and we would like to return you in one piece. Also, no minors may consume alcohol in our vehicles.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: The short answer is no. However, additional fees may be incurred. Any additional fees not included in the quote will be discussed before hand at booking. Our quotes generally include the final price including taxes and surcharges (does not include the driver's gratuity) unless otherwise noted. Additional fees will be inquired if the pick up or drop off location is 50 miles/1 hour or more away. The reason for this is that it adds an additional 2 hours in travel time for our driver and vehicle. Additional stops that are not already included in the base price will also cost an additional fee depending on the distance or number of stops added. Next: Did you go over your allotted time? Great! We're glad you're having a good time, but you will be charged an additional hour. Lastly, the “break it you buy it” policy applies. We know things can get rowdy when people are having fun, but if you break anything inside of the vehicle you will be charged for it. Make sure your guests are courteous of our vehicles otherwise the card on file (probably yours) will be charged for the damages.

Q: Can we exceed the person maximum for the vehicle?

A: No. Guest count maximums are set in place for a reason. First, being your safety. Second, being that our insurance only covers the number persons set at the max. If the max for a vehicle is set at 10 people we will not accept any more even if they are small/children/etc. We actually encourage to seat a couple guests less than the max for your comfort and wiggle room.

Q: How do hourly rates vs. transfer rates work?

A: Transfer rates are generally saved for Airport transfers or point-to-point trips before 2 PM. For hourly rentals there are minimums depending on the date or day. Sunday-Thursday has a 3 hour minimum rental, Friday has a 4 hour minimum rental and Saturdays carry a 5 hour minimum rental. Special holidays or busy seasons may come with additions or premiums.

Q: Online Reservations, how do they work?

A: While we do have an option to reserve a vehicle online there are some restrictions and fine print involved. The most important of these that customers don't always realize is that your 'online reservation' is not considered final until one of our reservation staff employees reviews and accepts it. You will receive a confirmation that your request has been sent, but that does NOT mean that it has been accepted. Our back office is not able to determine if a vehicle has already been booked by someone else and it cannot determine the minimum rental time for that date. We recommend calling us for accurate quotes and information; we can provide you with customer service that technology can't.

Q: How much do we tip our driver?

A: We recognize the importance of proper service and hold our drivers to a high standard to make the experience memorable and enjoyable for you and your guests. While gratuity is ultimately up to your discretion we recommend tipping your driver 15-20% of the total cost. This is an average amount for any service related job. Our drivers are paid hourly, but often rely heavily on tips to pay their bills.

Q: What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A: A $250.00 deposit or 20% (whichever is greater) is due at booking. The cancellation policy is sent to you with your confirmation email and contains some legal jargon. (Please read it because it contains the nitty gritty details) To keep it simple, don't cancel. We know that sometimes situations out of your control such as weather occur. In the case of bad weather you may reschedule without issue. For cancellations you are responsible for the full amount of the reservation. We do not issue refunds (in most cases) and you are only eligible to reschedule within a year to the date of your reservation. Please note that sometimes for reasons out of our control a trade in vehicle may happen. This only happens with unforeseen situations that will directly effect your experience or safety. In the case that this happens we will provide a vehicle of equal or greater value to the best of our ability. You also cannot receive a refund for any time not used. Below is the full cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy: (a) Reservations made one (1) year to one (1) month in advance may be cancelled within one (1) week of the day booked without penalty. Reservations cancelled after one (1) week of the day booked are non refundable. (b) Reservations reserved three (3) weeks in advance may be cancelled within 72 hours of the day booked without penalty. Reservations cancelled after 72 hours of reservation date are non-refundable. (c) Reservations reserved two (2) weeks in advance may be cancelled within 48 hours of the day booked without penalty. Reservations cancelled after 48 hours of the day booked are non-refundable. (d) Reservations reserved one (1) week in advance may be cancelled within 24 hours of the day booked without penalty. (e) Reservations reserved less than one (1) week in advance cannot be cancelled on any circumstances and is non refundable. In the event of cancellation outside of the timeframes indicated above the renting party is responsible for the entire amount due. If the responsible party pays the amount due in full before the scheduled engagement date they will be allowed to reschedule the engagement within one calendar year for no additional fee. If the responsible party does not pay the amount in full all monies on deposit will be forfeited. Reservations for transfers (airport, point A-B) on all limousines, busses, town cars and SUV's are non-refundable.

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